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Welcome to grantsBags, the premier destination for leather handbags that ooze class, simplicity, and tactfulness.


Our founder, Grant Mottershaw, started this business out of a need to create a bag that was expressive and tasteful. After dusting off the sewing machine and creating the very first grantsBags, Grant Mottershaw took it around New York City for a test drive, discovering features that annoyed him and elements that were both tactile and practical.

It wasn't long before grantsBags became a brand that people could not get enough of. We take pride in creating high-quality leather handbags that are perfect for both men and women. Our 2023 new leather handbags are made with the finest lambskin leather, ensuring that they are not only stylish but durable as well.



At grantsBags, we believe that everyone deserves a handbag that represents them. We're not just creating bags, we're creating tools for individuals to make a stand for equity and respect. Our bags represent people who work hard, face adversity, and endure with composure and class.

We're not just any other handbag company. Our bags are not just for the hetronormative; they're for anyone who wants to make a statement. We believe that a purse or bag should not have any connotation attached to it. It should be for them/they/there's/Mx. or their chosen pronoun. We're here to represent people who are not always seated at the table, and we're doing it loud and proud.

Thank you for choosing grantsBags. We can't wait for you to experience our leather handbags. They're not just the best leather handbags on the market; they're a statement for equity and respect.

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